12 August, 2015

Police reveal they have dealt with multiple reports of UFOs

It may sound out of this world but Thames Valley Police has dealt with 15 reports of aliens in just four years.

All of the cases were reported between 2011 and 2014 across the force area.

They also include three sightings in neighbouring Milton Keynes, two in Oxford, five in Reading, two in Slough and one in High Wycombe.

Residents in Chipping Norton even claimed to have spotted little green men twice - and were so concerned they called the police force for help.

Back in 2007, UFO expert Michael Soper claimed the Thames Valley area was becoming an alien hotspot.

“It is quite active,” he said.

“There are more paranormal events in Oxfordshire than in any other part of the country and they can be dramatic.

“We have had a landing near Wallingford.

“I think we are being visited by dimensional craft.

“I don’t know whether they come from another race of humans from another dimension.”

But the number of UFO sightings reported to police has decreased, according to a Freedom of Information Act request by our colleagues in Banbury.

In 2011, Thames Valley Police received seven calls concerning aliens.

Just three years later (in 2014), the number had dropped by more than a third with only two calls reporting aliens.

But Michael, of Contact International UFO Research based in Wheatley, is expecting a boom in reports soon.

He added: “I do expect reports of sightings of UFOs to pick up because we’re coming up to a period of change in the solar cycle.

“People do still informally report sightings to us.

“Our view is that these things are happening all the time, what varies is people ability to see them and inclination to report them.

“Generally speaking Oxfordshire is very remarkable for these lights that appear in the skies.”

Many sightings of UFOs have been logged across the county in recent years.

Back in November 2013, a resident in Banbury described seeing a metallic rectangular object with a large “shark” shaped fin and bright orange light around it flying in the skies over Banbury.

They added: “It was flying from my left to right on a straight path, however once it was past the boundary of the town (on the right) it increased in speed dramatically, pitched up and to the left then down to the right in an elongated ‘S’ shape and then I lost it behind the house adjacent to the garden.

“This is not something I can logically explain away, particularly the increase in speed and the way it turned in the sky.”

Another sighting was reported in May 2012, when a man spotted a “ball of light” over the M40 which split in two and flew off towards Banbury.

In 2007, a man spotted three “bright white lights in the form of a triangle” over Chipping Norton that “shot across the sky in perfect formation” towards Oxford.

Source:  http://www.bucksherald.co.uk/news/more-news/police-reveal-they-have-dealt-with-multiple-reports-of-extraterrestrial-life-1-6898043


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