03 August, 2015

Today 50 years ago UFOs Where SPOTTED In Sioux City, Iowa

Residents describe them as "bright, red, moving swiftly and silently" as unidentified flying objects were reported sighted over Sioux City Tuesday night.

A flurry of reports started about 8:30 p.m. and continued until 10:45 p.,m., filtering into local authorities, the U.S. Weather Bureau, the Sioux City Air Base and The Journal. Sightings were reported in Riverside, Morningside and mid-city.

Reports of UFO sightings have come in increasing numbers recently in the upper Midwest, including by highway patrolmen and weathermen.

But could this document prove it was just a plane?
Project Blue Book: http://www.fold3.com/document/7462804/



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