25 August, 2015

UFOs are no strangers to South Dakota

UFO’s have been reported across the United States and the World for many years. One of the most famous sightings is near Roswell, New Mexico. In 1947, many claim to have seen, witnessed and even helped covered up the UFO crash site. The military investigators claimed the crash site was nothing more than a weather balloon.

South Dakota is not immune to UFO sightings. Several sightings have already been reported this year. Objects described as cylinder shaped, disk shaped, or flashing lights in a diamond formation have been reported. One in Rapid City was described as having a pulsing noise. Some lasted just a few seconds others minutes long. Nearby in Egan a bright light that was in the shape of a diamond was reported on February 27, 2015.

Does this proof that there is life beyond earth? What if you don’t see a UFO but think that extraterrestrial life is involve in an incident? Do you report it? Or do you look the other way believing others will think you are nuts?

In 1974, several strange accounts could not be explained. In Lake County and in Moody County near Flandreau investigations had begun to explain these strange and unbelievable accounts of local individuals.

A farmer near Rutland reported a three hundred pound bull was killed in his pasture. The animal’s blood had been drained, an ear and the tongue removed and the reproductive organs taken. The same thing happened in Chester and Flandreau. Small hoes were found near the body of the cattle. The holes were in a triangle pattern and less than two feet apart. The sheriff reported that no trace of blood could be found near the animals.

The animal deaths were identical to those of animals found in Nebraska. All the cattle were believed killed with in a three or four day period. Were there other discoveries not reported for fear of ridicule?

As with any conspiracy theory, the local sheriff did not buy into the outer space believe. Sheriff Bakke said “I feel these animal killings were done by a person or persons unknown, but that human beings definitely did the killing.”

Whether you believe in UFO’s or not, it definitely had to be the talk of the town. Speculations regarding aliens from outer space ran rampant. On the other end, there were those who just could not and would not believe in any notion of aliens.

If it was documented, written about or talked about, good, bad, strange or unbelievable, it is our history. The only question left. Do you believe?

Source:  http://www.argusleader.com/story/news/dell-rapids/2015/08/25/ufos-strangers-south-dakota/32057919/


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