06 August, 2015

Pensioner driven to sell her caravan after being pestered by UFOs

Extraterrestrial beings are trying to contact humans by using caravans?, says 72 year old lady

For years and years, we humans have been wondering if we're alone in the universe, but caravanner, Helen Chapman, 72, certainly doesn't think so. In fact, she claims she is being harassed by extraterrestrials.

Chapman, who is convinced that aliens are trying to contact her ever since spotting three triangular UFOs while watching the sunset in her caravan at the end of June, heard a loud bang one evening and, upon inspection, noticed that a dent had been made on one of the external walls of her caravan.
Sadly, she's now so terrified that she will be selling the vehicle in which she has lived for 11 years.

The ex-hospital cleaner was given such a fright from the UFO sighting that she refused to go back into her lounge area for a month. To compensate, she watched her 52 inch flat screen television in her lobby.

Explaining the terrifying ordeal, Chapman told The Sun: "I'll never forget hearing that huge bang on the back of the caravan. It was about 11 at night. As soon as I heard it I knew it was the aliens.

"I think they want to have contact with us and they are using the caravan as a way of contacting us and want to get some kind of message through, like a portal.

"I am afraid to look outside at night now. I am an old lady. What would they want with me? I think they want to use my caravan as a contact point.

"I am a level-headed person and was not what you would call a 'believer' before this happened."

There could be some truth to the freaky report though, because there was a separate sighting of a UFO in the same week, just 25 miles away from Chapman's caravan.

A video recording of the sighting showed a ball of light hovering over houses, moving backwards and forwards. When questioned, experts said that Chapman's description was consistent with other flying saucer reports and "warrants investigation".

Despite being confident in what she saw, Chapman isn't afraid to admit that she doesn't expect people to believe her, as even her daughters laughed when she told them about her extraterrestrial experience.

The pensioner from Luton confessed: "I know by coming forward and saying I have seen a UFO, I am opening myself up to ridicule but I don't lie.

"I don't want to do that but I feel like I am being watched and being targeted and it's been a frightening experience - not one that I would choose to happen."

UFO spotter and ex-British Transport Police detective, Gary Heseltine, supported Chapman and told The Sun: "The fact that she saw three objects all hovering together makes it more unusual than most sightings.

"It's certainly a very interesting case. Because she is used to seeing the planes in the area and knowing what they look like, I would be surprised if she had mistook them for something.

"A lot will depend on the speed that the objects were travelling. It definitely warrants more investigation."

Have you had any freaky extraterrestrial experiences when out caravanning? Let us know in the comments below.

Source:  http://www.caravantimes.co.uk/news/people/human-interest/pensioner-driven-to-sell-her-caravan-after-being-pestered-by-ufos-$21385723.htm


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