04 January, 2015

UFO Massive Explosion Over Brazil, Dec 28, 2014 Amazing Capture on Film

This UFO was recorded back in Porto Rico first at 2:18 am on Dec 28, 2014 (second video below), so this object was seen in the sky for over 45 minutes since Brazil says they saw it at 3am! Now that is to slow to be a meteor.   At 43 seconds into this video, we see a UFO going the opposite way of the other items. Also the eyewitnesses say the objects in the sky were to slow to be a meteor. This looks like a UFO shot something down or the UFO blew up and an escape pod (at 43 sec) is seen leaving the debris.  SCW

Eyewitness states:
After the flash in the sky, a roar, a scare and many doubts lurking Santa Rita do Pardo, 266 km from Campo Grande.   In the sky of the city of seven thousand inhabitants, fireballs were seen in this madrugada.

Link: http://truthfrequencyradio.com/ufo-massive-explosion-over-brazil-dec-28-2014-amazing-capture-on-film/


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