04 January, 2015

UFO in Apollo Missions' Archived Photos Suggest Aliens May Have Been Watching Astronauts

Moon exploration will remain one of the biggest achievements by humans in the field of science. But were the astronauts being observed by aliens? Yes, suggests one of the archived photos of the Apollo missions.
Earlier also a UFO was spotted on the moon's surface

The first Apollo mission was launched in 1969 by the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). This was a great accomplishment for the world as it was for the first time that humans stepped on the surface of the moon. Post this, several manned missions took place until 1972.

But, Apollo 15 was the first of the Apollo 'J' missions that was able to stay on the moon for a longer period of time, showing greater surface mobility. The aim of the project was to explore the Hadley-Appenine region of the moon and also to perform some lunar scientific experiments which can help understanding the subject better.

There was another objective of the mission – to make engineering evaluations of the new Apollo equipment, carry out lunar orbital experiments and also to take shots of the area.

Quite a few unidentified flying objects, or UFO sightings were reported across the world around the same time. However, when some researchers were browsing through the archival images of Apollo 15 mission, one of them spotted an unidentified object lingering over the lunar region, Tech Times reports.

This latest news of a UFO comes after Streetcap1 posted a video on YouTube. The original picture was taken on the moon's surface during the Apollo 15 mission between 30 July, 1971 and 2 August, 1971.

Some say that the things spotted in the image could be some debris, while others say it could be a result of the photo's developing process.
"It could be anything, a scratch on this particular camera lens, a piece of dust flying up, since there is very low gravity, things tend to move around a bit up there. It could even be a blocked out, bad picture of earth from the moon. Nothing about this still picture proves that it is a UFO, since whatever it is, is not flying, its stationary since it is only a picture. My best guess, it's a bad picture, and that's a spot left from bad developing," a comment on the YouTube video states.

But UFO believers and enthusiasts are firm that the image is of an alien that was observing human explorers as they might have been fascinated by the astronauts.

Link: http://www.ibtimes.co.in/ufo-apollo-missions-archived-photos-suggest-aliens-may-have-been-watching-astronauts-619117


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