17 January, 2015

Galactic Flying Saucer Found on Computer Screen at Tololo Observatory Chile

What a Chilean astrophysicist has spotted a Flying saucer on his computer screen? 

Roberto Antezana found an UFO analyzing images from outer space! 


And this image is really weird. It ressembles the unidentified flying objects bringing the ‘Green Martian’ on Earth in Mars Attack!

But sometimes, such weird phenomena have explanations. In our case, the galactic flying saucer is actually produced by two galaxies colliding.

A Clearer Image of The Cluster

It is an elliptical galaxy located in Lepus. It has a recessional velocity of 2472 km/s. NGC 1888 is located to its lower left and NGC 1889 is located to its upper right. Source: astro.umd.edu
NGC 1888, the largest galaxy, engulfs NGC 1889, the smaller in a process occurring more than 200 million light years from Earth.

Link:  http://strangesounds.org/2014/12/galactic-flying-saucer-found-on-computer-screen-at-tololo-observatory.html


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