17 January, 2015

Bundaberg man witnessed a UFO sighting

AS Ryan Peat glanced up at the sky on Thursday evening he was left standing in pure

astonishment after glimpsing what may have been life from another galaxy. 

Mr Peat was in his backyard in West Bundaberg at about 6.25pm

when he saw a bright blue flash of light making its way across the sky. 

"It was travelling much like a shooting star but not as fast," he said. 

"It then started to turn green and little specks of light started to trail

behind it before it disintegrated." 

Whether it was space junk, a meteorite, shooting star or something

of the extra terrestrial kind, Mr Peat said the UFO sighting wasn't

one he would forget in a hurry. 

"I have never witnessed anything like it before. It was the coolest

thing I have ever seen," he said.

Bright blue UFO in Queensland http://beforeitsnews.com/paranormal/2015/01/bright-blue-ufo-in-queensland-2482076.html


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