24 November, 2016

Trump UFO: Not A UFO But A Bird/Bug?

As the headline states MUFON, has stated that the image of a UFO during a Trump campaign in Iowa was just a bird or bug.

MUFON Case 69530, was snapped by a witness at the Iowa State Fair, on August 15, 2015, and was posted to MUFON's Report a UFO (MUFON Sighting Report) on August 18, 2015

Iowa MUFON State Director Gregory Andersen investigated and closed the case as an IFO – an Identified Flying Object. Andersen believes the object near the helicopter was either a bird or a bug.

“The temperature was 73 degrees and wind was out of the south at 10 mph,” Andersen wrote in his report.“It was mostly clear with a few clouds.I looked at Google for other footage of the Trump helicopter at the state fair and there was none when it was in the air. I compared the two images and the same object is in the sky and at different locations. As the helicopter was not in both, the object was not following the helicopter and was moving slower than the helicopter. The comparison of the object when enlarged shows a similar shape that changed a little. The shape seems to rule out a balloon as it was not symmetrical.”

Andersen believes there is a natural explanation to the image.

“My analysis of the photos is it appears to be either a bug or a bird. The witness was very willing to find out what he saw and supplied me with the two original photos and these have been uploaded to CMS. He also supplied me with a photo that he put together to show the whole scene and this indicates his eagerness to resolve this case.I am classifying this as ‘IFO – Natural Phenomena.’ It is either a bug or a bird that was closer to the witness and out of focus. Although blurry, you can see that the shape changes between shots and that indicates wing movement.”

UFO Spotter Films ‘Blob’ Near Donald Trump’s Chopper | The Xenologist

Source:  http://www.openminds.tv/trump-ufo-was-bird-or-bug/39100


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