19 June, 2015

Three Unidentified Flying Objects seen in Roliça, Portugal

Three Unidentified Flying objects are observed by two witnesses in which both find that there is no light in them.Noting only the figure of those in flight without producing any noise.

The Witness Reports:
I spent with eyes for your site, and just out of curiosity will report an observation made this year, on a date which currently do not recall, from 7 to 9 March. It must have been 2:30 am, I was and my wife to smoke a cigarette at the kitchen door to the rear of the house. The night was moonlight, I was standing looking at the North direction and she crouched to look towards the West, when I saw in the distance two round shapes, black, absence of any light that came on a flight plan and even passed above us without making any noise.Passed at a relatively low altitude, was one in front and another soon to follow, as they say in aeronautical terms "on the wing". My wife says that there was a third, I did not see who was more away and approached the other. Still went to the front window of the house to see if saw something else, but everything was normal. 
However for fear we entered into the house to go to sleep.
I live in Roliça, Bombarral municipality.
The objects probably came from Obidos area and were towards the village Columbeira (Bombarral), ie North-South.

Source:  http://ufoportugal.blogspot.com/2015/06/tres-objectos-voadores-nao.html


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