18 June, 2015

NASA's Dawn Images Sparks Existence of Alien City on Ceres

Many may consider claims of UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects) sightings as rubbish but that hasn't stopped such reports. In fact, sightings of strange object seem to be increasing by the day.

Closeup of Ceres
Interestingly, NASA has sparked off speculations on the existence of aliens as scientists were reportedly baffled by the bright lights spotted on dwarf planet Ceres.

NASA's spacecraft Dawn has sent closer images of the 598 miles diameter dwarf planet in the orbit of Neptune with bright spots being seen. Interestingly, many are of the opinion that several videos of the mini planet uploaded on YouTube are proof that aliens do exist and that their civilisation could be well ahead of human beings on earth.

A video titled, "'CERES... THE BLUE PLANET WITH ALIEN CITIES'' posted by Litereader tries to throw the light that bright spots on the surface of Ceres could be beams of light emitted by huge cities and that they look like cities on earth when viewed from space.

In another video by technothanks titled "ABSOLUTE PROOF of LIFE on CERES!" the narrator claimed that NASA has been trying to hide the reality of the image captured by Dawn and that the lights seen in the Ceres are absolute proof of life on it.

"Nasa tried to be really really clever with this picture (Dawn's image of Ceres). And I'm not going to tell you what I did to bring this out but they tried to be so clever and destroy all trace of anything in this photo," said the narrator.

"I have been working on this for a while now and I finally figured out how to do it. And... look.. look at all the buildings, look at how they are arranged, look at the structures, around what we know to be buildings...this are miles miles miles high folks," he added.

People may think speculations on the existence of aliens and life on the surface of Ceres are mere figments of imaginations but wild guesses and theories will continue to keep flying until NASA comes out with loser picture of the mysterious bright spots and clear the doubts once and for all.

It may be mentioned that NASA's Dawn spacecraft entered a new orbit last week, flying at about 2,700 miles from the dwarf planet, which will enable it to take pictures with better resolution.

"The new orbit will allow Dawn's framing camera to take picture of Ceres with three times better resolution than before. The probe will fly around Ceres eight times — completing one circuit every 3.1 days — before departing for an even lower orbit June 30," according to a report by Space Light Now.

Source: http://www.ibtimes.co.in/ufo-sighting-2015-nasas-dawn-images-sparks-existence-alien-city-ceres-635168


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