12 May, 2015

Was this really a UFO flying over city?

A UFO enthusiast claims he has proof that an alien craft has flown over Hampshire.

Kenneth Parsons says he photographed this image of a disc-shaped phenomenon on the outskirts of Winchester.

Now he is convinced the mystery object proves the existence of other intelligent life in the universe.

The 60-year-old initially captured the mysterious image while taking photographs close to Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium.

But he only spotted it after loading images on to his computer and said: “I first thought it was an insect close to the lens of my camera, or maybe a bird.

“But after enlargement I realised it was a discshaped aerial object about a mile out.

“I zoomed in on it and I’m no expert on wildlife, but I swear I have never seen a bug, bird or spec of dust like this before.”

The UFO spotter from Farnborough, who founded investigation group the British Earth and Aerial Mysteries Society (BEAMS) in 1991, believes the sighting at noon on Sunday, April 5, is nothing to fear, and it could have appeared briefly while travelling through a wormhole.

He claims that his wife Hilary Porter, 68, has experienced multiple alien abductions and added: “These phenomena follow you from childhood.”

Link:  http://m.dailyecho.co.uk/news/12942714._UFO_spotted_over_city__claims_enthusiast___what_do_you_think_/


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