31 July, 2014

UFO: Brazil Planetarium Shows Giant Alien Disc over Earth

Earlier in March 2014, a crystal clear image was released by The Brazilian Planetarium. This information came to us from the wonderful website UFO Sightings Daily. You can read the full story here. The image of a giant unidentified flying object was captured hovering just above the earth’s atmosphere. It is roughly estimated that the disc-like object is close to five thousand miles wide. Pictures indicate clouds floating near and around the object, proving that it is not a trick of light or a photo-shopped piece. That’s so big it is hard to even imagine. What could possibly be on that ship?
As amazing as it seems, this is not the first time an object of this calibre has been spotted. A similar occurrence happened in Western Australia in January of 2010. So the ultimate question is this?! Is it a UFO? All obvious signs point to the fact that it is a real sighting. How much more proof does the world need? The sheer mass of this thing speaks volumes, stating that we very well may not be alone in the universe. There isn’t another explanation for the massive disc in the sky.
However, the fact remains the same. There are still sceptics out there that want to discredit the phenomenon at every turn as a CGI instead of a UFO, but the evidence pointing toward a UFO is staggering and overwhelming. This isn’t the first sighting; does that mean there will be more to come? Are there bigger ships out there?  Maybe someone at the Brazil Planetarium knows.

Link:  http://www.lecanadian.com/headline-news/2014/07/29/ufo-brazil-planetarium-shows-giant-alien-disc-over-earth.html


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