05 May, 2014

X files opened at Cardwell UFO Festival - ABC NEWS AUSTRALIA

From aliens to men in black, flying saucers and strange lights, 'UFOlogists' gathered to share their stories and theories at the inaugural Cardwell UFO Festival.

 Former UFO sceptic Molly Dunn says she was converted when she saw a hairy alien at the end of her bed. (ABC Local: Isaac Egan)

 "UFO fanatic" Brad Booth says the public has been fed lies, but says the truth is out there. (ABC Local: Isaac Egan)

  Daryl Fig says he saw a flying saucer once and claims the government saw it too. (ABC Local: Isaac Egan)

 Archie Dunn says he was witness to disappearing "men in black" who were "too perfect to be real" (ABC Local: Isaac Egan)

The monster at the end of my bed

Molly Dunn says her first sighting was when she moved from England to New Zealand in 1953.
"It was hairy and it was on the end of my bed and its eyes spoke to me and I was absolutely scared I nearly wet my pants," she said.
"It said to me 'I can be any size or shape want'.
"A few days later I thought 'what a silly thing to say'.
"I never thought I would see anything like that in my lifetime."

Lies and conspiracies

Cardwell resident Brad Booth proudly boasts of being a "UFO fanatic" but says on a number of issues the public has been fed "a pack of lies."
He says flying saucers are manmade and claims bigfoot is a homeless man.
"I know a guy up here who is an Aboriginal, is about six feet tall; I bought a very high-powered telescope to view him," he said.
"There is also one near the Innisfail tip, you smell him before you see him."
Mr Booth says the bigfoot footprint discoveries in Canada were faked.
"They were big feet, but there were all these screw holes underneath," he said.
"One guy was offered $10,000 to put the suit on and run around in the forest just to prove that these existed."

Burnt into my memory

Darrell Figg says he once spotted an unidentifiable flying object and the sight has stuck with him ever since.
"I was driving back from Ingham to Trebonne and... I spotted this little silver object sitting in the sky and I could see that it was isolated, because every time it turned the sun hit the side and gave it a glint of silver," he said.
"I got a good idea what it is... it ain't man made, that's for sure.
"It is a feeling you'll never forget, it is bewildering... it is hard to explain, but there has got to be something else out there, we can't be the only ones around."

I saw the men in black

Archie Dunn says he and his wife witnessed disappearing "men in black" who were robotic in movement and too perfect looking to be real.
"We were in the Auckland Museum and we went into the cafe for a sandwich and Molly my wife drew my attention to two men sitting near us," he said.
"They were at least six feet tall and dressed in black and absolutely immaculate.
"They got up from the table, didn't seem to speak to each other, they walked down steps across the lawn, and all of a sudden they started to shimmer and disappeared - just like that."

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Link: http://www.abc.net.au/local/photos/2014/05/03/3997256.htm


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