10 May, 2015

Ferrari Conceptually Designs A Spacecraft

Art Concept of the Craft
Ferrari’s design director has imagined what a spacecraft would look like if it was designed by the famous Italian company.

Flavio Manzoni, who is a lifelong sci-fi fan, said the project was a bit of fun, but the results are breathtakingly beautiful. -DailyMail

Artist Rendition "Over The Desert"

In fact, it's not a car at all: Manzoni took a break from styling some of the most beautiful vehicles on the planet to sketch his vision for a spacecraft of the future, lithe and fully chromed-out, just as you'd expect any good sci-fi spacecraft to be. It turns out that he's had an obsession with UFOs since childhood, and there's no shortage of UFO inspiration here — if there's an aircraft, shuttle, or rocket that exists today that looks anything like it, I don't know what it is. -The Verge

Artist Rendition "Orbiting The Planet"

Ferrari design director Flavio Manzoni does not limit his creations to just automobiles. Well known for such outlandish, street-ready works of art such as the Laferrari and the FXX K, Manzoni is in fact always drawing, whether it be working on a new design for Ferrari or simply sketching a futuristic means of transportation that is out of this world. Accordingly, Flavio recently revealed a design for an insane spaceship concept.

“I tried to imagine something that can fly in the future, since there will be less and less space available on the ground, and I focused on creating a little craft that’s different than my childhood dream,” said Manzoni when speaking with Form Trends.

The flying silver object draws inspiration from various spacecrafts throughout film history, dating back to the ’70s. As noted on numerous Ferrari models, the spaceship boasts a front and a rear spoiler, with the overall concept being divided into two sections. -Highsnobiety

But also doesn't this remind you of something familiar? For me its the Naboo Starship from the Star Wars Sagas.

The Naboo Starship

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