02 May, 2015

Cardwell UFO festival probes the truth

Reports of mysterious objects in the sky and aliens walking among us will be the talk of the town this weekend as the far north Queensland town of Cardwell hosts its second annual UFO festival.

Festival manager Thea Ormonde said UFO sightings were common in the far north and hoped the festival would provide answers to what remains an unexplained phenomenon. 

"From when I was a little girl I've always remembered my mum and dad talking about different things friends had seen or that they had seen when they were camping," she said.

"A few of us got together and thought it's something that I think we need to look into.

"There's just too many sightings to say 'no there's nothing out there'."

Ms Ormonde said this year's festival planned to mix the fun side of exploring the possibility of extra-terrestrial life with a more serious discussion of people's first-hand experiences.

"There's going to be a costume party on Friday with a bar and a band rocking on through the night," she said.

"We want everyone to come dressed as their favourite alien and bring their alien friends along as well.

"The Saturday afternoon is more for the genuinely interested in the unexplained phenomena."
At the aptly named 'C-files forum' on Saturday afternoon, visitors will be granted access to a previously private collection of documented UFO sightings that Ms Ormonde said were the life's work of late Tully woman Claire Noble.

"We have all of her information that she compiled since 1954," she said.

"Anyone that experienced something or knew something would know to go to Claire and she would write everything down.

"We're very, very fortunate that her family has handed over all her information to us."

Although she was sure there would be some sceptics making an appearance at the festival, Ms Ormonde said it was a place for people to come and share their interest in the unknown.

"It's not for anyone to be made fun of or anything like that," she said

"It's somewhere where people can feel safe to talk about their experiences.

"We're hoping for an uplifting vibe; a really happy vibe where everyone's going to be on the positive with everything."

The Cardwell UFO festival kicks off this afternoon at 5:00pm before finishing with the 'C-files forum' from 1:00pm until 4:00pm on Saturday afternoon.

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