23 April, 2015

About 12 UFO sighted over Peoria, Illinois

On April 20, 2015, during night, a person has spotted about 12 orange unidentified orbs flying over Peoria, the largest city on the Illinois River. He has taken multiple photos of this phenomenon…
Witness statement:
It was 10 minutes before I started my shift at work so I went behind our building to smoke a cigarette. After lighting a cig to the corner of my eye 3 orbs as orange as the end of my smoke began to ascend and cross the sky. A few more appeared and I rushed to get my phone out. I had experienced seeing ufos 2 other times in my life and never got a chance to take pictures. I knew instantly what I was witnessing. After a few clicks I decided to try make a video but for some reason I couldn't see them on it so I switched back to the camera and took a few more clicks. Then I just watched as the continued their journey across the sky ascending more and more and then just disappearing. I felt great. I finally got some pictures of them :D.

Link:  http://activite-paranormale.net/news/read/5197/About%2012%20UFO%20sighted%20over%20Peoria,%20Illinois


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