01 December, 2014

UFO Congress in Argentina Highlights Shocking Claims

The Seventeenth International Ufology Congress held in Capilla del Monte addressed major questions about life on Mars and invisible beings. A city in Argentina located 800 kilometers or almost 500 miles west of Buenos Aires, the Capilla del Monte hosted a four-day gathering that ended on Sunday, November 9, 2014. Argentine and foreign UFO researchers gave updates on their work, discussed their personal experiences, and presented audiovisual records of contacts with alien UFOs. Almost 200 people attended the congress. The congress was organized by Luz Mary Lopez, who told the audience that they fulfilled the goal of demystifying Mars and showed evidence that people may be closer than they think. The congress featured some shocking revelations, including those from Andrew Basiago and Laura Eisenhower. Basiago, who was in the event, and Eisenhower, who made a presentation through Skype, said they both picked by the government on secret missions that involve Mars teletransportation. Basiago said on a two-hour presentation that he was on Mars 40 times and revealed that there are Martian and human lives in there. A woman attendee named Mabel said that the UFO gathering gave her chills. She believes that scientists hide so much from the people, and the UFO subject could be true as she has seen UFOs personally. Astronomer and reporter of a television show, Fernando Correa, supports Basiago’s story saying the Red Planet has evidence on the existence of humans. He explained that Google Mars application has been showing a human base on Mars. The Mexican astronomer hosted one of the closing talks. He presented security camera videos that apparently show invisible entities and shadows from different parts of the world. Correa said that the so-called paranormal phenomena, which are difficult to explain with science, actually more normal than the rest in reality. Silvia Simondini of Vision Ovni center in Victoria city, located 124 miles or 200 kilometers from Buenos Aires, made presentations at the conference of analyses done on spaceship fragments, presented local spacecraft stories, and discussed collective UFO sightings all over Argentina. Link: http://www.latest-ufo-sightings.net/2014/11/ufo-congress-argentina-highlights-shocking-claims.html  


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