03 December, 2014

Boomerang UFO amazes New Hampshire residents

Fifteen year old Ben Spiegel saw what he called an "orb" in the night sky, and snapped a photo of it with his iPod. Ben snapped the photo of the UFO near his home in Concord, NH back in October.

The UFO was unique as it seemed to zigzag back and forth across the night sky. When he zoomed in with hid iPod, he noticed that the object was V shaped and there was a blinking red light near the object. At first they (him and his buddy's) thought it was a helicopter.

Wrong!! Another witness in Nashua, New Hampshire reported seeing the same object, but closer.

This witness said that it had three white lights. One at the end of each wing and one at the point of the V. He also said that the lights seemed to be dome shaped.

What was it? No one knows yet, so it remains a UFO. Did you see it? Do you think it was a military vehicle?

Link: http://www.bubblews.com/news/9588235-boomerang-ufo-amazes-new-hampshire-residents


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