27 January, 2017

Case 77904 - Charlottesville, VA - July 24, 2016

Artist Rendition
Unedited Witness Statement: UFO Triangle seen by myself and my mother around 8:55pm July 24th Sunday 2016, over 29 North near Kroger and K-mart in Charlottesville Va. a Digital Video was taken by me. UFO First Stationary then moved to a N.E. straight-line path and was gone.

Or is it the elusive TR3B / Black Mantra, It doesn't exist officially. But allegedly, it uses highly pressured mercury accelerated by nuclear energy to produce a plasma that creates a field of anti-gravity around the ship. Conventional thrusters located at the tips of the craft allow it to perform all manner of rapid high speed maneuvers along all three axes. Interestingly, the plasma generated also reduces radar signature significantly. So it'll be almost invisible on radar & remain undetected.

Either way it is the clearest image of a triangular ufo shaped object.



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