16 April, 2016

Incredible UFO Or UAP Phenomena At Red Rock Canyon Cliffs

This video was captured near my home in Las Vegas, Nevada on April 12, 2016. Specifically, it was in the foothills and cliffs of Red Rock Canyon on the Las Vegas side where the cliffs meet the Las Vegas Valley.

It was very quiet for my first hour outside last night. I wasn't seeing anything and then all hell broke loose. First one, then two, then more and more. They put on a spectacular show. I am glad I was patient because the show they put on kept on getting better and better. I try to be as careful as possible when posting videos because I want to make sure I am not showing ordinary or explainable things that I may have misidentified. When these things started going down the cliff side I knew they weren't ATV's and that my other videos of them aren't ATV's either even though at times they appear to be searching for something using some sort of searchlights. There are no trails on the rim of the cliffs and even if there were it's my belief that it would be too dangerous even in daylight let alone at night. When they would dim out I noticed they looked identical to the amazing objects I caught a few weeks ago coming off the mountain even closer to my home.

That video has been seen more than 80,000 times now and probably that many or more from people who downloaded it and put their own ads on it. I started by using my night vision camera. I had to climb on top of three upsides down ceramic plant pots because at first the objects were barely visible above a roofline and I had to get the camera up as high as possible. It took a bit but when there were five or six or even more of them I thought I can also film them with my camcorder so I got down off the plant pots and got it rolling. I don't know what to call these because they are so strange. Sometimes I get the impression that they aren't 100% machine. At times, they almost seem to be capable of thought and seem to communicate with each other through light. Perhaps I should just call them light ships. Anyway, I know this is long but I think it's worth just over 33 minutes of your time. There was a few minute lapse where nothing was showing but I kept the night vision camera going because I didn't want to miss a thing with these amazing things.


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