29 February, 2016

NASA Concealed Secret Alien Message Claims UFO Group

An audio recording has surfaced in the UFO conspiracy theory blogosphere claimed to be the authentic “leaked copy” of the recording of an alien voice obtained from a UFO probe discovered on Mars by NASA’s Opportunity and Curiosity rovers.

A conspiracy theory website, The Sheivae Project, now claims that NASA secretly received an audio recording containing an alien reply to its 1977 VGR message in 2012, but has kept the information hidden from the public. However, a NASA whistleblower leaked a copy of the recording before he died.

According to the Sheivae Project, NASA temporarily lost Voyager signals in the 1990s. The brief interruption of signals was due to the probes being intercepted by aliens who obtained and analyzed the message contained in the VGR.

NASA was aware at the time that the message had been intercepted in space but maintained conspiratorial silence about it.
 But later, after NASA landed Opportunity rover to Mars in 2004, it detected artificial signals on the planet but was unable to locate the source of the signals.

Thus, NASA had to wait until 2012 when it deployed the Curiosity rover on the Red Planet. Curiosity rover picked up the signals and allegedly found an alien UFO probe on Mars containing a disc with a recording of an alien voice responding to NASA’s VGR message.

But, once again, NASA kept the discovery secret.
 However, a researcher who identified himself as Viktor, born in South Africa, reportedly claimed in an Abovetopsecret.com conspiracy theory forum thread that in 2011, he met a man who worked with a NASA-linked company. The man told him that NASA was aware that the VGR message had been intercepted in space but officials had no idea who intercepted the message.

After NASA’s Curiosity rover obtained the recording of an alien voice from a UFO probe found on Mars in 2012, the whistleblower leaked it to Viktor before he died of cancer in 2014, claiming it was an alien response to NASA’s message.

Victor claimed he worked quietly on the case since 2011 before going public. The recording of an alien voice, claimed to be an effort by aliens to reproduce human speech artificially, begins with bleeping noises followed by a synthetic human voice that says, “Hello. I am Sheivae. I receive your message. I come from world far ways from yours. You are not alone. I hope you receive mine. I hope you understand my message.”

Sheivae goes on to explain that she found the Voyager message while wandering in space after having lost her native planet.

The claim is so bizarre that even some members of the alien and UFO community, known for expansive credulity, have expressed doubt, saying it is a hoax.
Skeptics have pointed out that the timing of release of the recording was likely intended to exploit recent reports that NASA kept hidden for nearly five decades a recording of mysterious “space music” heard on the far side of the Moon by the crew of the Apollo 10 mission.
UFO blogger Scott Waring reports he was contacted on Twitter by an anonymous female person who narrated a story similar to Viktor’s. The person said that while she worked for a small communications company, she was contacted by a NASA whistleblower with top-secret information to divulge. The whistleblower passed away soon after he leaked the recording of an alien voice.
“It’s odd, for sure. No doubt about that. But NASA doesn’t like to tell the public about what they find. We always have to find out through the grape vine of old records, photos, eyewitness,” Waring commented on his blog.
The leaker defended himself against claims that his story, and the alleged recording of an alien voice, is a hoax by hinting future disclosures.
Disclosure pictures of the probe would be impossible to explain, but the files in the probe, they can make it look like a hoax, it’s easy for them (NASA). People say I am a liar, so you can imagine what NASA can do against me, but I think people are not stupid.
Source:  http://www.inquisitr.com/2818159/nasa-doesnt-want-you-to-hear-this-recording-of-an-alien-voice-found-in-ufo-probe-on-mars-according-to-conspiracy-theorists/


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