14 January, 2016

Giant-Snail On Pluto? WHAT THE F@#*!

A NASA camera has captured a startling image of a giant snail sliming its way across the surface – to where, we don’t know.

Or at least that’s what UFO fans think.

NASA’s more of the opinion the enormous alien gastropod is a ‘dirty block of water ice’.

YouTuber Esoteric Detective says, ‘Has an alien snail been caught slithering across the surface of Pluto? The mysterious object appears to ‘slide’ through the surface.

NASA reckons it’s a block of water ice, floating in denser solid nitrogen.

NASA says, ‘Mission scientists believe the pattern of the cells stems from the slow thermal convection of the nitrogen-dominated ices. The darker patch at the center of the image is likely a dirty block of water ice “floating” in denser solid nitrogen, and which has been dragged to the edge of a convection cell. Also visible are thousands of pits in the surface, which scientists believe may form by sublimation.’

Source:  http://metro.co.uk/2016/01/11/astro-gastropod-alert-nasa-probe-sees-giant-snail-on-the-surface-of-pluto-5615707/


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