09 September, 2015

Silver UFO over Somersworth, New Hampshire

On June 2015, a man living in Somersworth (New Hampshire) has spotted a silver metallic craft flew over backyard of his house. UFO made no noise and has not wings.
Witness statement:
My name is John and my son and I were playing catch in our backyard in Somersworth, NH about 2 months ago. My son noticed this object coming toward us from behind me. He said, "What the heck is that" and I turned around looking for a bird or something. I was taken aback when I noticed this object. I am by far an expert, but I have been in the Air Firce for 16 years working aircraft maintenance (avionics). I walked toward the object trying to get a better angle under it because I could not make out any wings. The object didn't make any noise. It was metallic color like a Delorian and the glow is the Sunlight reflecting off its surface. The flight path in the picture is from right to left. I was so fixated on trying to make out wings and what type of aircraft, that I didn't think of pictures until I noticed it approaching the tree line. I rushed to get out my iPhone and take the picture.

I am still dumbfounded on what this was. I first thought a blimp or something because there are not any wings. Then I also see there is no pod beneath it. I just chalked it up to a UFO. Not necessarily alien related but definitely unidentifiable.

I recently made a connection to an old video of Bob Lazar and how he illustrates the propulsion system and the "gravity wave" that surrounds a ship. I then noticed the same magnetic field or gravity wave shape can be seen coming off this object in the picture. It looks as if the reflected light is being bent around a magnetic field!

This could be nothing but I figured I could send this off to you folks to look at. I am just a novice that doesn't "believe" but I do have an open mind and watch plenty shows and documentaries on this topic.

Source:  http://activite-paranormale.net/news/read/6321/Silver%20UFO%20over%20Somersworth,%20New%20Hampshire


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