16 July, 2015

German Court Orders Government to Unseal UFO Files - Germany

The German government has lost the legal battle to keep classified documents about intelligent extraterrestrial life is within its reach. From now, the ‘UFOs Bundestag Act’ will be available to all citizens.

The hypothetical existence of classified ‘Bundestag Act’ was revealed by amateur UFO researcher Robert Fleischer, of Exopolitic.org in 2010.

It is one of the most exciting things to happen in a while for ufologists and paranormal researchers. With this, Germany becomes another country which declassified its secret UFO documents. The ruling is a major achievement from the point of view of ufology and the transparency of information.

The Federal Administrative Court of Germany ended last June 25, a dispute that lasted for several years. According to the statement, anyone can now access the 20-page report on UFO’s and alien life.
The document is a summary prepared by the scientific service of the Bundestag from generally accessible data on the search for extraterrestrial intelligence in the universe and Earth-like planets in space.

This documents demonstrates that German authorities do have an interest in UFO’s and extraterrestrial life, even though up until now, it was something deeply rejected by the government.
In June 2008, Peter Altmaier, the parliamentary secretary of state then (and now head of the Federal Chancellery of Germany), announced at the request of a deputy that “the Bundestag has no knowledge of UFO sightings in Germany”. He insisted, moreover, that there was no file available on the issue.

It seemed that Germans did not have the same rights as other citizens from countries such as the US, France, England, etc..

Even in 2009, Secretary of State Jochen Homann repeated the same words: “The Federal Government does not have evidence which would allow a reliable assessment of probabilities of intelligent extraterrestrial life elsewhere in the cosmos.”

A blogger by the name of Frank Reitemeyer, took the situation very seriously and took the Bundestag to trial, accusing them of lack of transparency of information. And now, four years after, the battle has been won and these classified documents have become available for everyone to see.

But how much will this change the UFO phenomena and how we look at extraterrestrial life, or better said, the possibility of it?

Many people believe in the existence of otherworldly beings and UFO’s without the need of seeing “Declassified” documents from the government, and most of them argue that the documents made available to the public, are only partially declassified and that the real intel on life in the cosmos is still kept hidden away from the public.

This case however, proves that citizens from around the globe have the right to know if their governments are looking into the UFO phenomena and life in the universe. If such life does exist elsewhere in the universe, then people of the world have the right to know.

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