05 April, 2014

UFO: Alien Planet moves toward Earth suggests Texas Professor

UFO Sightings Daily documents that according to Dr. Kyle Kaplan, a planet-sized object will be at Earth by August, 2014.  Kaplan says prior to its arrival, Earth will experience more and more adverse effects from the gravity of this planet.  TRN inquired of other astronomy and geological experts and they told us that if Kaplan’s scenario is true, the problems Earth will experience would begin with weather anomalies and tidal anomalies, will increase to earthquakes then volcanic eruptions as Earth’s magma is pulled by the gravity of the approaching planet.

The experts went on to tell us the troubles would increase further to horrific tsunamis 1000 meters high, moving at 1200 kilometers per hour striking coastal regions around the Earth and, ultimately, when this planet is closest by August 2014, Earth will suffer widespread destruction from shifting tectonic plates on a massive scale.

This article includes a screenshot from his video of location that was presented on UFO Sightings Daily.
One expert even claimed that depending upon the size and gravity of the planet, and its angle of approach, the gravity of this other planet could actually STOP the Earth from rotating on its axis.  He likened it to a vehicle traveling at 1,000 miles per hour, and having the brakes slammed on; the resulting inertia of all objects on earth would cause them to continue moving while the earth was stopping; sort of like what happens in a car wreck when the car suddenly stops, but the passengers fly forward from their own inertia.

While Kaplan himself did not make any such claims, he did say the approach and  passage of this planet “will reconstruct the surface of the Earth into something we don’t even know.”

For More Read Here:  http://agoracosmopolitan.com/new/news/2014/04/04/ufo-alien-planet-moves-toward-earth-suggests-texas-professor.html


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