18 June, 2015

Rare UFO Spotted Over Toowoomba, Australia

One of the rarest yet the most trendy thing in this world is the Unidentified Flying Object. It has been considered as rare because it is far from the usual things we typically see. For example, the airplanes do not change directions every second, unlike flying saucers do. Whether or not UFO means anything to you, it pays to take a glimpse of the strange objects spotted hovering in the sky of Toowoomba, Australia.

Recently, a photographer spotted a strange flying object hovering in the air at 6.30 in the morning. Greg Young, the FieldQuip employee, took a photo and decided to capture the beauty and the art of the sunrise. He wasn’t expecting that such photo would go that far. As he zoomed the photo on his iPhone, he noticed that he is capturing one strange object. For certainty and accuracy, he looked back again to ensure that he was getting the right object. It was then confirmed that he took a photo of a triangular object hovering the clouds followed by a dim blue trail. As above-mentioned, there is a vast difference between natural or man-made phenomena. This scenario seems like it is pointing out a natural phenomenon.

Furthermore, it was also claimed by different witnesses that before they saw the UFOs, they experienced unusual happenings, such as a dork barking or experienced some flashing lights. Mr. Young said that a few minutes before seeing the strange triangular object, his co-workers saw flashing lights in the Eastern direction. Unfortunately, they could not find out what kind of objects they were. On the following day, they saw a strange object. Although, he reiterated that he didn’t believe in aliens, he was still intrigued by the object as it is very strange. Mr. Mauger admitted that Greg has shown him the photo, but as he went outside it was gone. It appears that the object was flying silently and does not travel fast, but it disappeared within a minute.


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