19 June, 2015

A large fleet of spherical UFO's captured on video over the Philippines

  • According to numerous witnesses, a large fleet of spherical UFO's hovered over the Philippines
  • People do not believe that these mysterious lights were Military Drones
  • The Philippine Air Force states that no military tests were performed in the area
It seems that in the recent years, UFO sighings have increased dramatically. From cigar shaped objects to strange spheres, there are numerous sightings of unexplained objects that roam the skies. 

The question remains; What are they and what is their purpose? A lot of people have a lot of theories. According to most ufologists, these unidentified flying objects are believed to be vehicles of extraterrestrial beings that are visiting, and have visited our planet in the distant past. Strangely, depending on the circumstances, they appear in places on our planet where some kind of catastrophe is about to happen. People who see these mysterious objects  claim to have strong feelings of peace within.

Paolo Gallardo, who also published a YouTube video of the sighting, said the mysterious spheres were in the sky for more than 5 minutes. Gallardo, who said his cousin was the first to sight the strange lights in the sky, said there was no mountains, no hills, nor tall buildings in the area where the video was recorded, so that the lights had come from a object in the sky.
Not everyone agrees with the theory that these orbs or lights are of extraterrestrial origin.
According to members of the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration the lights did not come from extraterrestrial vehicles in the sky above the Philippines, but rather from military drones. Camilo Dacanay of the Astronomical Society of the Philippines (PAS), told the "Manila Bulletin" that the "dancing lights" were probably drones that were being tested by the military. Police Chief Superintendent Ronald Santos agreed with the theory offered by the staff of the Astronomical Society of the Philippines.
"These could be military surveillance drones or tests ... by the way I see it, there is nothing impressive in the sighting. I do not consider this to be a real UFO, "said Santos.
One of these mysterious sightings occurred on the 26th of April, 2015. Residents of the province of Pampanga in Central Luzon in the Philippines reported seeing mysterious "dancing lights" in the sky. His UFO sighting was recorded on video as several individuals managed to capture the strange lights on tape. Shortly after, several videos were posted on social networks such as YouTube.  The sighting caused a stir across the Internet and caught the attention of mainstream media who reported that residents of Pampanga in Central Luzon claimed that these lights were genuine UFO sightings. 

Strangely, both the official statements of the Astronomical Society of the Philippines as that of Chief Ronald Santos were discredited since according to statements from the Clark International Airport and the two bases of the Philippine Air Force found near the area, there was no military activity in the area that could be responsible for the mysterious lights.
We have to remember that in the year 2000, another incredible sighting caused a lot of chatter connected to extraterrestrial vehicles in the skies as hundreds of people witnessed strange lights floating for over 5 hours in the sky above the cities of Angeles and Mabalacat. This sighting was investigated by the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration, 1 years later, the sighting remains unexplained. 

Source:  http://zonnews.com/news/227-a-large-fleet-of-spherical-ufos-captured-on-video-over-the-philippines.html


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