25 March, 2015

Footage Shows Mysterious Humanoid Flying Over Peruvian City

A strange humanoid UFO was captured maneuvering through the skies above the Peruvian city of Puerto Maldonado earlier this month.

The footage was posted on March 15 by Dr Anthony Choy, an investigative journalist and radio producer and host of the radio program Viaje a Otra Dimension (“Journey to Another Dimension”). Choy, who is also the National Coordinator of the Peruvian Association of Ufology (APU), has reportedly been influential in forcing the hand of the government of Peru to release secret UFO documents.

This UFO sighting, which is said to be similar to ones witnessed since November 2010, is a part of a phenomenon called “Flying Humanoid,” stated Choy, who has been researching the event in Peru.
The video was recorded by radio and television producer Cesar Rodriguez and shows the flying humanoid with what appears to be a head, torso, arms, and legs. The sighting lasted about five minutes, then the strange object simply disappeared into the clouds above the city.

The South American skies have been seeing a lot of UFO activities of late. Just last Tuesday, a UFO was spotted during the evening news in Columbia, and earlier this month, a mysterious flying object was filmed by a TV crew during a television show. There have also been recent sightings over Brazil and Argentina, which have left many baffled and looking for answers.

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