18 April, 2016

3 UFO Sightings in Two Days! UK UFO NEWS

A sky-watcher on April 17, took footage of a mysterious light hovering around the area, which he described as ‘smooth and curved’.

Then 50 minutes later a glowing orb reappeared.

The sky watcher said he was looking out of his window on March 30 at 5.37am and saw: “At first I thought I saw something move across the sky so that’s when I got my camera on my phone and that UFO just comes from nowhere.

“You can’t see it on the video but to the naked eye it was very smooth and curved, it even kind of split into two.”

Describing the second he added: “There is a second video of another UFO and this was taken at 6.21am and this was a perfect ball to the naked eye just glowing but it wasn’t flashing, it was like a pulsing glow. Then after 3-5minutes it’s just flies out of reach of the camera.”

Residents in the Bootle, Anfield and Kirkby areas of the city of Liverpool took to social media to report the bizarre activity at around 9pm, on April 18.

A Twitter user asked his followers: "Why lights in sky above Bootle and Walton, zigzagging about... What is it?"

And another writing on a Facebook post  "Looks like spotlights but they don't change the pattern they are moving in."

Others are saying its nothing but just lights from the circus which is in the vicinity of  the city.



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