26 April, 2014

HBO And Ridley Scott Developing Ancient Aliens Drama 'Pharaoh'

Ancient Aliens have long been a popular topic for UFO theorists and sci-fi fans alike, but now it would seem the mysterious beings are going to be getting the premium cable treatment with Variety reporting that HBO are in talks to sign Ridley Scott to direct a new drama about the influence of alien beings in ancient Egypt. The show, entitled 'Pharaoh' was created by David Schulner, Giannina Facio and Colet Abedi, and with Scott set to executive produce as well as direct, the show should have the experience and star power to succeed in a competitive premium cable environment. So, a show about ancient aliens playing a role in the development of ancient Egyptian cultures. I know what you're thinking, and hopefully HBO do too. Stargate has already explored this area in a great deal of detail, in fact, with movies and multiple TV seasons, one might struggle to see where HBO could take this subject and still be original. However, this is Ridley Scott we're talking about here, and if HBO are willing to throw some money behind this and give it a decent level of production value, it could be a real winner. Indeed, while we don't have any concrete details on the plot, the early word is that 'Pharaoh' will use ancient alien visitation as an alternative explanation for the mysterious rise in ancient civilizations like Egypt. Such matters have been much-theorized by show's such as History's Ancient Aliens and remain a hot bed of debate for UFO theorists, whether or not Schulner and Scott will choose to be sympathetic to these theories remains to be seen, but I for one would love it if they chose to weave in some established ancient alien theory into their dramatic yarn. -

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